A.C Asset Management Limited (ACAM) is a Hong Kong-based asset management company with SFC Type I, 4 & 9 regulatory activities license (CE No.: BHS283).

ACAM is here because we understand how wealth management sector works. ACAM stand beyond the standard practice to help you grow your wealth steadily with appropriate risk. We partner with the world prestige private banks, investment banks and trustees to present you the best solutions.

ACAM has strong background from private banks, portfolio management areas and investment sectors. Our centralised management approach on your assets in different private banks give you competitive advantages in all aspects. Other than taking care of your daily banking needs, ACAM gathers products from these institutions and invest in your best interest.

Rather than keep telling you how to generate attractive return, how to maximize your capital return with the sophisticated models and strategies, or how to benefit from a full range of investment solutions and experienced personnel, ACAM is here to listen to your inner investment philosophy and make the right decision with you.

ACAM never present you something you don’t understand. We will help you to allocate and manage your assets among those prestige private banks to reduce risks. ACAM take care of your asset in your style with whole heart. And together, will achieve the summit.


are here to preserve, deliver solution and propel growth of your wealth

A.C Asset Management Limited

Fix Income – As A.C Asset Management client, you can access to a wide range of bonds, including new issue bonds and secondary market bonds. Bond selection covers government bonds, investment grade bonds, high yield bonds etc. ACAM are here to make the tailor solution that matches with your return, liquidity requirement and risk appetite.

Equity – With A.C Asset Management, you are able to access a full spectrum of equity related products and individual stocks in worldwide markets. ACAM specialists will tailor make solutions to match with your risk profile. ACAM are here to help you to diversify your stock allocation and capitalize your long-term and short-term returns.

Fund Product – Selection among different fund solutions across different sectors, markets and geographic areas to our investors. ACAM are here to help you to compare different fund performances and establish your personal fund profile. ACAM also provide monitor on your fund performance.

Private Equity and Hedge Fund – Private Equity and Hedge Fund have become more common to be part of the investment portfolio. A wide range of extensive PE and HF from financial institutions are prepared to give you the best alternative solution. ACAM clients can access single, multi-manager solutions and theme dominate solutions.


Different services for different Clients

A.C Asset Management Limited

I  High Net Worth IndividualACAM provide holistic wealth management solutions to clients. ACAM know there are hundred and thousand investment tools outside. But when you are with ACAM, ACAM will spend time in understanding your investment desire and risk appetite, pick tools that matching with your needs. ACAM emphasize on the diversification across different asset classes, risk levels and liquidity. Our goal is to present you a consistent growth with acceptable risk level, not some dramatic and fluctuated figures.

II   Family Office – The family office embraces three core philosophies: To protect and plan ahead with you on your family assets, to ensure orderly successions of assets across your generations and jurisdictions according to your thoughts and to generate the consistent growth of your wealth.

ACAM and the specialists from legal, trustee and investment sectors will work with you on establishing your unique family governance framework for your continuity planning, conflict management with family members, generation education and their start-up capital funds, etc. ACAM will also work with you on implementation side by side to monitor the process is following your definition.

III  「BullRider」 – Discretionary portfolio account management Service,  account opening amount is HKD 800,000.

The uniqueness of 「BullRider」 discretionary portfolio account management services is set by specific risk levels and investment objectives, with the goal of providing stable returns. Click here for more information…

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